Bongo’s story

Bongo was found chained to a metal gate in the middle of nowhere. It was high summer and whoever abandoned him didn't even have the decency to leave a bowl of water for Bongo to drink from. He was spotted just in time, panting, dehydrated and tangled in his chain. When the RSPCA arrived, we found him hot, tired, thirsty and barely able to move.
We searched high and low for Bongo's owners, but couldn't find them anywhere. We don't even know Bongos' real name or exactly how old he is, but we do know he'd love to be settled in a new home.
Bongo was really frustrated at Southridge and wasn't able to show his best side. But Bongo's an energetic young dog who just wants to run and play. Luckily, with a new, loving family to look after him, he can do just that...