Millie’s story

To most of us kennels are very noisy places but to Millie they are absolutely silent because Millie is totally deaf.
Millie is a 4 year old American Bulldog Cross who’s been at the centre since March 2010. She loves to run and play and is a really social animal. But she’s had such rotten luck and her story is a very sad one.
She first came into the centre when she was a very young pup and, like all cute puppies, she was rehomed very quickly. She went to a lovely couple who already had a dog. All went well until the other dog fell ill with epilepsy. Poor Millie couldn’t understand what was happening and started to nip the other pet to try and stop his fits. Unfortunately the situation got worse and Millie’s owners made the heartbreaking decision to bring her back to us.
Millie gets a little anxious when she’s left on her own but care, patience and a bit of effort will soon deal with that. Millie has an enormous amount of love to give, but needs time to relax and settle into her new home. She’s ever so sweet and very good natured. She’d love to be rehomed into a calm, caring adult family without cats. A family who don’t care about her disability.
Deaf dogs can be trained. All it needs is a bit of determination, common sense and some time and effort.
Please ask our staff about Millie: she’s been waiting so patiently and she’d love to be your new pet.