Dog Training and Socialisation Classes with Southridge Animal Centre

Adopting a rescue dog is not always as easy as a walk in the park. Some dogs take time to settle in their new homes and, after several weeks or sometimes months in kennels, all dogs need a bit of help with their socialisation skills.

So whether you have just adopted a “Southridge Dog” or your own dog needs some extra training, why not attend our fortnightly dog training classes?

Our classes provide an opportunity to train and socialise your dog in a professional, yet friendly and relaxed environment. You can also meet the owners of other rehomed dogs and hear about their experiences.

Training classes are held every other Saturday at Southridge, beginning promptly at 9 am and finishing at 11 am. The classes are run by Mr Dima Yeremenko of Good Boy Dog School...

Each session costs £7.50, payable at the end of the class. No pre-booking is necessary. Just turn up and join in. All dog and puppy sizes and ages are welcome as long as they have been fully vaccinated.

Just imagine how you and your pet could benefit from taking part. Come along and join in – you’ll be barking mad if you don’t!