Two Years she spent in kennels waiting for her court case to be resolved. And then a year at Southridge waiting for a home. Staff then all thought Angel the American bulldog’s troubles were over when a couple stepped forward to foster her - Angel suffers with arthritis - but it was not to be because now, more than two years later, sweet Angel is back in kennels looking for a home because of the relationship breakdown.

Will this lovely dog ever find long-term peace? We hope so because if any dog deserves it then Angel does.

She was only a few months old when rescued with her brothers, sisters and parents, all American bulldog crosses, all locked in cages in a small flat with the adults being used as breeding machines.

Despite her past, Angel is a well-adjusted and very affectionate dog, a firm favourite with the volunteer dog walkers at Southridge.

‘She is a lovely dog who deserves a lot more out of life’ said Terry Pavey, Chairman of the Friends. ‘She is well looked after here at Southridge, but you can’t beat being in a home of your own. We have had people interested in giving her a home, but with the recession and a general tightening of belts people have been reluctant to take on this extra cost. The Friends will pay the bill for her arthritis treatment in the hope of finding her a forever home, and we have fingers crossed that this will make the difference and lead to Angel being given the chance she so desperately deserves.’
Please consider giving Angel that special home so she can wave goodbye to kennels, where she has spent so much of her life. The Friends of Southridge will pay all the costs of her arthritis!