Abbot goes home!

For two years he sat in kennels waiting for a home . Hundreds of prospective owners have walked by, few enquiring after him despite his long unblemished record. But now the waiting is over for Abbot the staffie cross—he has a home at last! ‘I just felt so sorry for him. I think it was his face,...the way he looked at you’ said Maureen Biscoe of Potters Bar, who with husband Julian has adopted one of the favourites of the dog walkers at Southridge. Maureen has been dog walking for about 16 months and has always had a soft spot for Abbot, who was rescued by the RSPCA from a run-down animal sanctuary. When her old dog died recently she enquired about giving him a home. ‘He’s such a fun dog. You go in the compound and he loves it. I’m a netball coach so I’ll have lots of netballs for him to play with and chase in the garden, and tennis balls as well.’

The couple live a few miles from the centre but decided to leave their car there and walk Abbot home. ‘He really enjoyed it’ said Julian. ‘He’s been out in the garden, helping me cut the lawn, and he’s watered the plants for me! He’s a lovely dog, fantastic. I think he’ll sleep well tonight. He’s knocked out after that walk .’

Abbot 026

£1,000 donation to help road accident cats £1,000 donation to help road accident cats £1,000 donation helps four cats

The Friends have made a donation of £1,000 towards the cost of treating four cats badly injured in road accidents. None of the cats were chipped and none of the owners came forward.

Pete, Raven, Sheila and Truffle were all named by nurses at Wood Street Veterinary Hospital in Barnet after being brought in by members of the public. The cats were treated by on-duty vets at a cost of £3,900. All were later re-homed from Southridge.

Pete had pelvic and hip fractures, Raven a fractured pelvis and tendon
rupture, Sheila a fractured jaw with intestinal rupture and peritonitis, and Truffle a fractured pelvis.

Carol Brown, Practice Manager, said: ‘The partners always foot the bill for these unknown road accident cases and it is so nice to get some help towards the costs.’


Bric-a-brac and books wanted

Maggie Gibson and volunteer Vanessa Bennett are such champion fundraisers that we need more bric-a-brac and good quality paperbacks for them to sell at Maggie’s shop, Universal Pet Supplies in Cranborne Parade, Potters Bar. Last year the pair made over £2,000 , and this year the total is already up to £1,230. Crime, thriller, family dramas, romance and biogs do well with the books , but no gardening, diy, knitting or cookery books please. Smaller items of bric-a-brac are more popular. Please deliver donations to Southridge.

Harry Lopez

Harry Lopez, five, of Potters Bar, proudly shows off the biscuits he made and sold on behalf of the Friends, raising £11.60. Each biscuit is decorated with a letter and you can lay them in a line to read RSPCA. ‘We were watching CBeebies when Harry suggested making the biscuits’ explained Mum Sarah. ‘He said he was going to sell them. We sold them to family and friends. Every time he sold one he put the price up!’

harry biscuits

Focus on Rebecca & Georgina

Rebecca Hayden and Georgina Jelley are both 22 and started work at Southridge on the same day a year ago.

Rebecca & Georgina 1 More...

Singing to make a difference

Two young girls, upset by a video about animals being put to sleep, decided they wanted to More...

Handsome Harry says ‘thank you’

Just look at him now! This is Harry the puppy, currently winning the hearts of staff, volunteers and visitors alike. But he didn’t always look this good.

harry3 More...

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

rabbits 021
Pete Williams of Welwyn Garden City had always wanted a rabbit as a pet, even as a child. But he wasn’t allowed one. More...

Abba Sensation

abba dave revised

Karen Perks and Dave Prewer will be having a turn at our Abba Sensation night on Saturday, June 2. In the nicest possible way, of course. More...

Cafe Ridge Now Open

Weekends and Bank Holidays. More...

Sweet Reads

Did you know that the Friends have a bookstall at Southridge More...

£2,000 Christmas Cracker!

Our Grand Christmas Masquerade Ball was a cracker, with 150 guests at The Marquee enjoying a four-course meal and dancing into the early hours.


New Field Shelters

No, we are not going into the chalet holiday business, as suggested by some of our smiling dog walkers. More...

Halloween Disco Update

Our Halloween Fright Night Disco was a sell out, and it was no great surprise that the bar did really well.

Meet the Champs

Calling themselves Pussy Galore, the team very kindly gave back More...

New Name for Pensioners

Our pensioners scheme has 10 new members… and a new name.
As from January 1 it will be known as Friends Forever.


My Week in Heaven - by Mona Jorgensen

For many years, Southridge has taken in many unwanted and neglected horses and ponies then successfully rehabilitated and rehomed them. This has always been done out of choice as we have never had the luxury of having a dedicated equine animal care assistant, and many hours after work have been spent working with the horses and ponies, to prepare them for rehoming.


Pauline's Puzzles are a Hit!

Animal care assistant Pauline Gailey, who runs the Clever Paws Activity Club for Southridge dogs after hours on Friday evenings, is looking for more volunteers to keep the club going during the dark nights of winter. More...

Paws in the Park - John Lewis staff raise £650!

Have you ever played Doggie Rounders with your pet? How about Doggy Limbo? More...

Naughty but Nice

He looks a picture: magnificent, proud, a prizewinner. Butter wouldn’t melt. But look again… More...


Shopping online this Christmas?
You can raise money for the Friends at the same time And it won’t cost you a penny extra!


How Steven won his fight for life… and a top job

A cat who battled every day against an array of life-threatening conditions has taken over one of the top jobs at Southridge as Chief Dog Tester! Bennett, the lovely grey and white cat belonging to Centre manager Anna White and her family, is stepping down at the age of 16, having been diagnosed with a serious heart condition. Taking over is Steven, or Shaking’ Steven as he is affectionately known by the family.


Starring Anna & Terry…

The December issue of Naturally Happy, an online monthly subscription magazine featuring video articles on everything doggy, will feature Anna White, Centre manager, and Terry Pavey, Chairman of the Friends. The items were filmed at Southridge for the Christmas issue, with Anna speaking about how everyone, staff and volunteers, try to make it a special time for all the animals waiting for homes, and the generosity of supporters in responding to the Christmas appeal for donations to give each animal a Christmas dinner, a treat and a toy. Terry spoke about the fundraising work of the Friends, highlighting the increase in the old and sick animals coming into Southridge and the subsequent increase in veterinary bills.


Bouncer's Story

Bouncer’s story continues to inspire. He is the dog who beat all the odds, arriving at Southridge in a filthy state, skinny and with possible neurological problems, repeatedly banging his head on the kennel walls.


Pupils Raise £800+

When pupils at Dame Alice Owen’s School in Potters Bar were asked to decide on a charity to benefit from their summer Non-Uniform Day, they opted for an animal charity and chose the Friends, raising £844! They also dropped off treats and blankets at the Centre. Why choose Southridge? “We go there and know that the animals are well treated. My Mum gets her dogs there” said a smiling Alfie. “Animals deserve a fair chance as well” chipped in Issy, with Cameron adding: ”I got my old dog there.”


Zumba Raises £500

More than 150 zumba fans turned up for a fun two-hour charity session at Mount Grace School Hall, Potters Bar.


Southridge Christmas Appeal

Southridge RSPCA has launched an appeal to give every animal in its care on Christmas Day a special dinner, toy and treat. And the animal centre, in Packhorse Lane, South Mimms, is asking all Times readers to join in to help make it a special day.


Claire’s off to Uni!

Claire & Dogs 1

If you see a flustered Claire Hoffman rushing around Southridge clutching a laptop, a pile of books and with a wad of papers trailing in the wind, don’t worry. For our Claire has lots of homework to do having been accepted by Bristol University after a tough interview session for a two-year, part-time course studying Companion Animal Welfare and Behavioural Rehabilitation.


A weekend at Friary Park

Libby & Sue

So many of our dogs and cats seem to stay with us for months on end and the economic crisis has done little to help. For the past two years or so (I’m not very imaginative so it took a while) I’ve been toying with ideas about how to increase our homing rates. (by Sue Rogers (Southridge dogwalker))


Magical Maggie


Maggie Gibson, well-known in Potters Bar as the owner of pet food shop Universal Pet Supplies, seems to have magical fundraising powers. In the 10 months since January she has raised about £1,600 for the Friends selling bric-a-brac and books at her shop. Books are always needed, for the shop has many regulars who pick up one or two novels when they pop in for their animal food. We also sell them at Southridge. If you have any books you don’t want—crime, thrillers, chick lit, historical thrillers and sci-fi are all good sellers—please drop them into the Centre.


Local hero: Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis

Teenager Scott Lewis won a £200 award –and promptly gave it to the Friends!


T-Mobile's got us covered

Starshade Marquee

No, it’s not a Martian invasion. This weird and wonderful object is actually a marquee, donated to the Friends by T-Mobile at Hatfield. It’s called a StarShade, stands 17feet tall and can seat up to 136. It’ll be great for the FunDay and other events. “The Events Team really support all the great work done by the Friends and try to help wherever we can with kit, merchandise and clothing” said a T-Mobile spokesperson.


Zany for Zumba: with a wiggle & giggle they raised over £1,200

They wiggled, they giggled…and made over £1,200 for the Friends of Southridge as staff, volunteers and supporters went zany over zumba !


Full English? Afternoon tea? Buttered scone (with jam of course...)?

Whatever your fancy, Café Ridge at Southridge RSPCA rose to the occasion over the weekend (June 4-5) when the Centre hosted a flyball tournament.


March Quiz Night is a huge success

A right know-all… that’s Rita Pinney, receptionist at Southridge animal centre. But none of Rita’s work colleagues mind because she’s the driving force behind some of their best nights out.

£5,000 Christmas Dinner Appeal sets record

“A truly unbelievable response... we really didn’t expect anything like this” said a stunned Anna White, manager of Southridge, when the final tally from the Christmas dinner appeal was announced.